El Salvador Container Project

Welcome to the page for all the details on our special shipping container project!

Earlier this year, Southwest said “Yes” to an exciting and unique project that will directly benefit San Julian Christian Church in El Salvador. We have had a multiyear partnership with San Julian that has seen both financial support and mission trips over the last few years.

Earlier this year, we announced that we are playing a significant part in helping them install a community center in their town of San Julian, and it’s something that we’ll need plenty of support and participation from the people of Southwest and our community.

Southwest and a church in Huntington Beach, California are each supplying and outfitting a standard shipping container that will be shipped to El Salvador early next year. Over the last couple of months, a team at Southwest has been working behind the scenes to provide a shipping container and floor plans so that we can gather the necessary volunteers and work schedule to send our container off with love and prayers to our brothers and sisters in Christ in El Salvador.

We’ll need volunteers of all kinds—from those skilled in all things construction to those who have never picked up a hammer before. Jobs will include simple tasks like painting and drill work to more specialized skills like hanging drywall and light electrical preparation.
There’s something for anyone excited and willing to give of their time and gifts to bless a wonderful, faithful church that we love deeply.

For all details on this project from work dates to signing up to volunteer, please fill out the form below to be put on the team list. If you have any questions, please direct them to Executive Minister Andrew Beal (andrew@southwestchurch.org).

Let's work together.