Small Groups

Southwest's mission is "Following Jesus, Making Disciples"

We believe that life should be lived in community with other believers--and Jesus did, too! Throughout the week, Southwest offers a number of small groups for it's guests and members to plug into. While attending the weekend services is important for growing as a follower of Jesus, our small groups are designed to do that with others all the while sharing in each others' lives.

Joining a small group is the absolute best way to truly be a part of all that Southwest is about!

Check out all of our small group options below and join one that's right for you!

Current Small Groups


5:00pm    Everyone Group

                  Leader: Roger and Jayne Hendricks


                  Note: Childcare at Shared Cost

5:30pm    Everyone Group

                  Leader: Mike Myers


                  Note: Childcare at Shared Cost


6:45pm    Women's Group

                  Leaders: Tambra Breyer


                  Note: Women of all ages; No Childcare

6:30pm    Leaders: Jordan Barnhart


                 Note: Various Ages, Singles and Couples


6:30pm    Leaders: Cal Towne / Bill Haggerty


                  Note: No Childcare

6:30pm    Everyone Group

                  Leaders: Greg and Tammy Stall


                  Note: Childcare at Shared Cost

7:00pm    Everyone Group

                  Scott and Sherry LeBlanc


8:00pm    Men's Group

                  Leaders: Neal Kennedy / Bob Blackburn

                  Contact: 937-602-4307 (Neal)


7:00am    Men's Group

                 Leader: John Wonderly

                 Contact: 937-608-8488

9:30am    Women's Group

                 Leader: Linn Towne / Julie Tincher


                 Note: Childcare at Shared Cost

6:30pm    Leader: Ron Dunn

                  Contact: 937-746-1432

7:00pm    Leaders: Bev Fritsch / Lee Wagoner

                  Contact: 937-338-9495 (Lee)

                  Note: No Childcare, 45 years and older

7:00pm    Young Adults (18-30)

                  Leader: Andrew Beal


7:00pm    Leader: Holly Snider and Joe Garland

                 Contact: 937-748-8223 (Holly)

                                 937-239-6959 (Joe)


2nd Fridays

6:00pm    Date Night Small Group

                  Leaders: Greg and Tammy Stall

                  Contact: 937-748-8933

                  Note: Shared Childcare